The Mardela Springs Volunteer Fire Company was formed around 1927 and Incorporated April 10, 1929. The engine house was located on Charles Street.

Around 1928 a carnival was set up on the lot at the northeast corner of Station Street and Railroad Ave. A car was given away every year; the last year of the carnival was 1940.
Records show that meetings were held in the farmers Bank of Mardela.
In 1933 the Fire Co. began looking for a lot to build a new firehouse on. The oldest section of our firehouse is built on a lot 60' frontage and 72' deep purchased from Webb Elderdice in the amount of $400. A building committe was appointed and they were John Armstrong, William Bounds, and Guy Jackson.
The cost of the new building was reported to be $8,000.00 with the C.W.A. and later N.P.A paying $6,000.00 and the Fire Co. to borrow $2,000.00 from the Masonic Lodge. The records suggest that these funds were directed thru the Town of Mardela Springs.
On November 12, 1934, the new firehouse was reported to be ready for the new 1934 American LaFrance fire truck with a 300 gallon tank. This was deliveried November 30, 1934, with a price tag of $6,100.00
The next addition was to be a 40' x 50' building added in 1955 at a price of $7,500.00. In 1965 the Ladies Auxiliary added a kitchen along side this building. The present engine room 70' x 75' was built July 12, 1982, at a cost of $40,000.00. The newest addition with the kitchen, dining room, engineers room, radio room, storage room and office was built in 1994 with a contract price of $428,000.00.
Over the years the members who have been devoted, the community with their support and donations along with the Wicomico County Council have helped us to continue to serve this community with better equipment and facilities.
We Thank You All